Playing with yarn!

I got to play with new yarn this morning – always makes my day!  Cascade Yarns came to visit.
When yarn reps come, I have to fight the urge to buy a bag of everything. First, I don’t have that much money, and secondly, I don’t have that much room. I would love to carry all the yarns. And fibers. And accessories. And wheels. And looms. I really don’t have room for looms!
So anyway, yarn. I do have room for some more yarn so I’m adding more.  You’ll probably hear me squeal (at least if you are within a few blocks of me) when I get the new yarn in. And then you can see pictures on here. But not until then! I’m being a tease!  Stay tuned for updates.


Fall is coming!

Wow!  I’ve been horrible about posting lately.  I have no excuse.

How’s your summer been?  Mine has been hectic.  I took a part-time job – like many college graduates, I’ve a lot of debt left over from school.  Oh well!  I like the part-time job, but I no longer have days off.  That really doesn’t cause a problem, except in cuts into my yarn-crafting time!

I have finished quite a few projects this summer, even with the reduced time.  Or maybe I should say, I’m working on finishing things.  I’ve only finished 3 since May – a modified version of February Lady knitted in Belfast Linen from Kraemer Yarns, a baby hoodie knit in Cascade’s Cherub Aran yarn and a pair of Saartje’s Baby Booties in Cascade’s Cherub DK.  Oh!  And a pair of brown socks in Cascade Heritage, a skein of yarn I’ve been trying to get made into a pair of socks since 2010 (dark brown yarn is not fun to knit with!).

I’ve also been trying to finish my Evenstar shawl – the one I started last June!  I’m on the beaded border – and making slow but steady progress.  And I’ve joined the sleeves on my niece’s tunic that she designed and asked me to knit for her.  I think I’ve got the math worked out right for the asymmetrical neck decreases (I think neck down would have been better – then all this difficult part would be down and I would’ve been plowing through the stockinette!  Live and learn!).

I’ve (unfortunately?) cast on new projects too.  A friend gave me some beautiful handspun BFL that screamed for entrelac, and the pattern Dreambird has been screaming at me to make it for a friend who will be visiting this fall, so I cast it on too.

Anyone know a good shrink who can help with the disorder of wanting to knit everything?

(I’ll post pictures on another post.  I’m having issues getting the posts the way I want it after the last upgrade.  Time to play with formatting!)

A Bit More About May

May is a big month for Oh Yarn It.  1) the store opened on May 10, 2011 and 2) May means All Schools Day Celebration in McPherson

For the store’s anniversary, I’m celebrating all month-long.  There will be daily specials and possibly a give away (more on that soon!).  The first of the specials will be a free set of Tools and Totes beaded stitch markers with every purchase of at least $5 from May 1 to May 4. 

Also on May 4, there will be chalk art going on at the VAAM Gallery next door.

I know people not from here have no idea what we mean here in McPherson when we talk about All Schools Day.  This is the 100th anniversary year of All Schools Day.  The quick of it is – in May we celebrate all the students here in the county.  Big Parade.  A carnival.  Games.  Events.  Concerts.  All sorts of great, old-fashioned fun.  There will be pre-parade sales at most of the stores on Main Street prior to the parade with all sorts of specials if you have an All Schools Day button (and some without the button, but it’s a small price to pay).  To get more info, go to  Main Street is blocked off for the parade, so plan on parking in the lot on Ash and Elizabeth, or on one of the side streets.  Come early and stay for the fun – it is definitely worth it!

And here is the schedule for the classes I told you about yesterday.  All classes are $20.

May 4:  Beginning Crochet 10 AM to Noon; Knitting Without Purls 1 PM to 3 PM.

May 11:  Beginning Knitting 10 AM to Noon; Intro to Lace 1 PM to 3 PM

May 18:  Crochet 2 10 AM to Noon; Crochet Hats 1 PM to 3 PM

May 25:  Knitting 2 10 AM to Noon; Lace Knit Tank Top 1 PM to 3 PM

May Classes

I’m not doing real good on my resolution to write more on here. 

Regardless!  Here are the details on classes for May!

Beginning Crochet and Beginning Knitting – these are the classes for the person who wants to learn but has no clue what to do.  Never picked up a hook or needles?  Here you go!

Crochet 2 and Knitting 2 – these are the classes for the person who has had Beginning and is ready for a bit more, but not ready for an intermediate or advanced class.  Or, for the person who crocheted or knitted *ahem* years ago and needs a booster.

No Purl Knitting.  This one is for someone who is comfortable with knitting.  If you hate purling, you might want to check this class out.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s basically knitting backwards (not tinking!  That is something completely different). 

Texture and Color Series – Intro to Lace.  If you’ve been wanting to try lace, here is your chance.  We will do a lace scarf with the Feather and Fan/Old Shale pattern.  We’ll also go over basic rules for knitting lace and blocking.  Skills you will need are casting on, knitting and purling.

Details from a feather and fan shawl

Details from a feather and fan shawl








Crochet Hats – I think this one is self-explanitory.  This is the recipe class for making a crochet hat for anysize head.  All you need to know for this is how to chain, single crochet and double crochet. 

Lace Knit Tank Top.  Last summer I designed a tank top with a simple lace pattern at an Empire waist-line.  Well, I’m finally getting around to teaching the class!  It’s a simple tank top – fits all sizes, including kids if you want to make a kid version – out of cotton, or a cotton blend.  Skills for this one, cast on, knit, purl.

Simple lace detail on a tank top

Simple lace detail on a tank top

Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14! 3.14 Π
Pi is a wonderful number. Especially if you are a knitter. Pi is the number you need to make circular shawls, half circle shawls, hats, coasters, doilies, ad infinitum (pun intended. If you get it, you are as much a nerd as I am!).
How are you going to celebrate Pi Day? Here is my list of ideas:
Bake a pie (circular pans need pi)
Knit or crochet a doily
Knit or crochet a circular shawl (technically I should say start a circular shawl because if you can start and finish one in a single day, well, that is just WRONG!)
Sew a frilly circle-skirt (that you could do in one day easy)

I might do one, or multiple of these today.  I have some lovely bamboo thread a friend gave me – it would make a beautiful doily to go on my dresser (which would require me cleaning off my dresser, but that is another story!).  I also have some wonderful fingering weight yarn another friend bought me at the KC Renaissance Festival last fall – a whopping 1140 yards worth! – that would knit up fabulously into a Π shawl, of which I have at least 5 queued on Ravelry (I’m lekessler on Ravelry if you want to check them out).  And it feels like spring which always makes be want a blackberry pie.  Or strawberry pie.  Or peach pie.  Chocolate, coconut, pecan, pumpkin – I’m not choosy about pie!  I also have some drapy blue material, perfect for a springy circle skirt (springy as the season not a description of the material.

Snow and Evenstar

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
The snow might slow business down, but it is beautiful – and I’m tired of drought! This might not break the drought but any moisture is welcome!

Since it’s snowing, and since I went through my WIPs yesterday, I’ve decided to make up with Evenstar.

It’s far too large to see the whole pattern. I’m working almost 600 stitches per round at this point (588 to be exact – if you’ve done Evenstar and this number sounds wrong, don’t tell me! I don’t think I could handle it!) and each round takes me between 30 and 1 hour. It varies based on how often I get distracted and how complicated the row is.
I’m half way through chart 3 – right at the spot that the stitch markers “dance” every-other row which slows me down a lot.

I use lifelines when I knit lace. Always. No exceptions ever. I use them because I’m a clutz (or is it klutz? Whatever). I pull needles out, unintentionally, often. I drop my knitting to answer phones. And I put things into timeout often; if I mark which row I put a lifeline in, I can find my place again easily. Lifelines make me happy.

WIPs Galore!




These are my WIPs (works in progress).  Some of them.  One of my goals this year is to get organized, so I decided to sort my WIPs and reevaluate if they should be WIPs or should be sent to the frog pond!

So here we go in a project-by-project evaluation!





This is St. Brigid by Alice Starmore in Summit Hill superwash (Kraemer).  It’s staying in the WIP pile for those days when I really need to CONCENTRATE on my knitting (yes, the caps and underlining in necessary on that word; very necessary!).






This is a silk hanky from Abstract Fiber that I started last summer.  It isn’t being frogged, because frogging silk is not fun and just not worth the effort.  But I’m not sure if I’ll finish this as I started (which was as a headband).  Stay tuned for updates on this one.





These are socks. To be specific, they are the April Showers Mystery Sock KAL by Knitter’s Brewing Company. I am making these out of Cascade Heritage. The clues are all released and I will finish them. Sometime. I finished the second sock of the last KAL in January of this year (the KAL started in January of last year). Maybe I can beat my record!






These are also socks. Two pair actually, but they are teaching tools so I’m doing 2-at-a-time in different colors. Then I’ll do the matching socks. The second socks will probably be done for the next class.





This is mitt one of a pair for my niece. They will also be finished. Luckily she works in an office that is usually cold so she can wear them in the summer which is when they will probably be done.





No clue what this is. It’s Tokyo yarn by Feza. Otherwise, I’ve absolutely no clue. It’ll will be frogged.






This will be the Ruched T-Shirt from Interweave. Eventually.





My sister started this. I believe it is the start of a baby blanket. It’s now if my WIPs – she was sneaky about it!





I’m working on a pattern for wool soakers – this is a prototype.  The pattern will be up soon – I think!





This is yarn. Yarn that will be samples for the Master Handknitter program from TKGA. At least that is the plan. I’ll let you know how it goes!





In the fall, my niece brought an idea to me for a sweater. When I have it done, I’ll release the pattern for it also (knit in the round from the bottom up with an asymmetric neckline).





 Last year at the KC Renaissance Festival, we (meaning my BFFs and me) spent a lot of money at A Wolf’s in Sheeps Clothing (aka Th’red Head). This is Amy’s yarn for a shawl. I knit it; didn’t like it – frogged. I knit it again; didn’t like it – frogged. Third time will be charm, so it is sitting in time out while I ponder appropriate patterns.





No clue.  Not sure what it is supposed to be or who cast it on.  I do know that it is supposed to be a store sample for Kraemer’s Fountain Hill Lights.  Stay tuned for what happens to it!





This is Evenstar.  I went into time-out last August and has been there since.  Not because I’m mad at it or it was misbehaving.  We just needed some time apart for my mental health.  We are going to reunite soon.  And since I’m half way through chart 3, hopefully my tension hasn’t changed too much during the intervening 6 months!





And this is the Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl. It’s our Spring 2013 KAL here at the shop. I was coerced into knitting it (Amberle!). Thankfully because it is beautiful and an amazingly easy lace pattern. Feel free to join us in knitting it – we have a thread on our Ravelry group for pictures and questions. I might even have a prize (hint-hint!) for a randomly chosen participant in the KAL, so you might want to stop by the group and let us know if you are joining in!





Plying practice! This is ongoing, and might be ongoing forever!





This is the luscious silk/merino roving I bought on the Central Kansas Knitters Guild trip to Shephered’s Mill in June last year. I will spin it. Sometime. I tend to spin while sitting outside in the evenings – this requires nice weather because my hands don’t like the cold. So I’ll probably have results sometime in the summer.





And not lastly (because I have another WIP that I don’t have a photo of yet), the crochet.  This is going to be a pineapple doily.  Now that I’ve finished the multiple crochet commissions I had this winter, I’ll have time to work on this again.

And the unpictured WIP is a cowl in marvelous yarn spun by a friend from CKKG.  I’ll post a finished photo when it’s done.

I think that adds up to 19 WIPs.  3 to be undone and new projects chosen for the yarn.  16 WIPs.  Sigh!  Must knit/crochet/spin faster!

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