Upcoming Classes

I’ve had a lot of beginning crocheters lately.  One of the new crocheters made a comment the other day – she said she needed to learn to knit now so she could make sweaters.  When I told her you could crochet sweaters, she was amazed.  So, I scheduled a class on how to crochet sweaters!

I’ve been wanting to crochet a hoodie for the Fall – I like the warmth of crocheted hoodies!  This gives me a perfect excuse opportunity, to start one.  I haven’t decided yet which style I want to do, zipper or pullover.  But since the class is in less than two weeks, I better get working on it!

I also get in new yarn and saw a picture of a teddy bear than SCREAMS for the new yarn!  The pattern is Vera by Annita Wilschut. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/vera-11  And the yarn is Pinwheel by Cascade. http://cascadeyarn.com/pinwheel.asp  I have all the colors of Pinwheel in right now (they are selling REALLY fast though).  Now I just have to figure out which color I want to use.

Wanting to knit Vera made me realize we haven’t had a knit toy class in a while, so I scheduled one for the 26th of September

Back in junior high, I saw an afghan with Irish roses worked on it.  I’ve wanted to make one ever since.  Then the other day a friend brought in an afghan she was working on – with roses on it!!!!  Another excuse (I’m giving up on denial and being honest, it’s an excuse!) to start the afghan – schedule a class!  October 5 for it.

Several people wanted to take the stranded colorwork class back in February but couldn’t make it.  So I’ve scheduled another one on October 12 – I don’t know if Kim Neufeld or I will be teaching it; I’ll let you know soon!

Many of my ideas come from conversation during Knit, Crochet, Socialize! on Thrusday evenings.  A couple of weeks ago Heather commented that she wanted to knit a sweater but didn’t want to have to sew it up.  This led to a discussion on knitting in the round and if you can change the pattern to knit pieced sweaters in the round.  So, there is a class for how to do that scheduled for October 26.

And if you are paying close attention, that leaves a weekend with no classes – gasp!  Why would I do such a thing?  Because… YARN HOP 2013!!!!!  Save the dates – October 17 to 20.  Passports will be available soon!

(having troubles with photos again – will keep working on it!)


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