September 2013 Classes

Fall is here! Here is the class schedule for September to get Fall off on the right needle!
Saturday mornings from 10 AM to Noon are for the beginning classes (as usual). The are for absolute beginners or people who need a booster to get going again. The 7th and 21st are beginning crochet; the 14th and 28th are beginning knitting.
The afternoon classes are the advanced classes (meaning just not absolute beginners not meaning you have to be an expert to take them).
The 7th is Knit Fixes. Want to learn how to correct mistakes WITHOUT ripping out your work? This is for you! Learn to read your knitting to see where the mistake is and how to fix it. Bring mistakes if you have any, otherwise everything is provided.
The 14th is Entrelac Knitting. this is part of our Color and Texture series. This interesting texture is created by knitting tiers that run in opposite directions. Much easier than it sounds!
The 21st is How to Crochet a Sweater. Crochet sweaters are fabulous for winter wear because crochet creates a double thickness fabric, and the textures can be beautiful!
The 28th is Knitting Stuffed Animals. Knit a stuffed teddy bear that can be packed around by the kids or dressed up for display on the holidays.
Patterns are provided with all of the advanced classes and you’ll just need to appropriate yarn and needles. Call to discuss the options. All classes are $20 plus supplies.


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