Fall is coming!

Wow!  I’ve been horrible about posting lately.  I have no excuse.

How’s your summer been?  Mine has been hectic.  I took a part-time job – like many college graduates, I’ve a lot of debt left over from school.  Oh well!  I like the part-time job, but I no longer have days off.  That really doesn’t cause a problem, except in cuts into my yarn-crafting time!

I have finished quite a few projects this summer, even with the reduced time.  Or maybe I should say, I’m working on finishing things.  I’ve only finished 3 since May – a modified version of February Lady knitted in Belfast Linen from Kraemer Yarns, a baby hoodie knit in Cascade’s Cherub Aran yarn and a pair of Saartje’s Baby Booties in Cascade’s Cherub DK.  Oh!  And a pair of brown socks in Cascade Heritage, a skein of yarn I’ve been trying to get made into a pair of socks since 2010 (dark brown yarn is not fun to knit with!).

I’ve also been trying to finish my Evenstar shawl – the one I started last June!  I’m on the beaded border – and making slow but steady progress.  And I’ve joined the sleeves on my niece’s tunic that she designed and asked me to knit for her.  I think I’ve got the math worked out right for the asymmetrical neck decreases (I think neck down would have been better – then all this difficult part would be down and I would’ve been plowing through the stockinette!  Live and learn!).

I’ve (unfortunately?) cast on new projects too.  A friend gave me some beautiful handspun BFL that screamed for entrelac, and the pattern Dreambird has been screaming at me to make it for a friend who will be visiting this fall, so I cast it on too.

Anyone know a good shrink who can help with the disorder of wanting to knit everything?

(I’ll post pictures on another post.  I’m having issues getting the posts the way I want it after the last upgrade.  Time to play with formatting!)


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