Happy Pi Day!

Today is March 14! 3.14 Π
Pi is a wonderful number. Especially if you are a knitter. Pi is the number you need to make circular shawls, half circle shawls, hats, coasters, doilies, ad infinitum (pun intended. If you get it, you are as much a nerd as I am!).
How are you going to celebrate Pi Day? Here is my list of ideas:
Bake a pie (circular pans need pi)
Knit or crochet a doily
Knit or crochet a circular shawl (technically I should say start a circular shawl because if you can start and finish one in a single day, well, that is just WRONG!)
Sew a frilly circle-skirt (that you could do in one day easy)

I might do one, or multiple of these today.  I have some lovely bamboo thread a friend gave me – it would make a beautiful doily to go on my dresser (which would require me cleaning off my dresser, but that is another story!).  I also have some wonderful fingering weight yarn another friend bought me at the KC Renaissance Festival last fall – a whopping 1140 yards worth! – that would knit up fabulously into a Π shawl, of which I have at least 5 queued on Ravelry (I’m lekessler on Ravelry if you want to check them out).  And it feels like spring which always makes be want a blackberry pie.  Or strawberry pie.  Or peach pie.  Chocolate, coconut, pecan, pumpkin – I’m not choosy about pie!  I also have some drapy blue material, perfect for a springy circle skirt (springy as the season not a description of the material.


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