Yarn choices

I bought yarn at the Renaissance Festival.

I know that no one is actually surprised by this. The yarn is Th’Red Head Designs. I’ve been purchasing yarn from her at the Faire for many years. I have no idea what I’ll do with these skeins yet, but I do know who gets each skein. (No. They aren’t both for me)

I also received yarn for the store today. I just live seeing UPS at my door! One box was a reorder of Cascade Eco+. The other was of new yarn, from a new company! I didn’t get much to start with because, we’ll, it’s new. I like to sample first. I will be ordering more!


This is “Florafil” by Made in America Yarn (love the name!). It’s bulky cotton made in Philadelphia! To really appreciate this yarn, you need to come feel it. It’s light and fluffy and soft. And really pretty. Really pretty. I want to make many things put of it. Many.

The problem is, I’ve got 14 projects on needles, 6 yarns burning a hole in my stash drawer – did I mention that my sister brought me Quince & Co yarn back from Maine for me? – and I have no spare time! And let’s not talk about the queue issues I’m having on Ravelry right now. I’ll just say that I only queue things I want to cast on with in the next year. Favorites are for the “I want to make that, someday” projects. The queue is out of control.

The Electric Sheep podcast had an episode a few months back called “Knit All the Things”. Wonder if Hoxton cares if I swipe her title?


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