Pondering yarn

I’ve been pondering yarn lately. Ok, technically I always ponder yarn, but this is pondering in a slightly different way.

I went to the KC Renaissance Festival yesterday. I love Ren Faires, the whole bizarreness of them. I saw people dressed as faeries and as Stormtroopers. I saw an ensign from the Enterprise, a mermaid, and wizards. I even saw a dog with Tinkerbell wings. I ended up with hands tinged slightly red from holding my evidently-not-color-fast red gown out of the mud (I participate fully – as one friend says “it’s Halloween for adults”).*

So what does this have to do with yarn? There are also reenactments and demonstrations including spinners, weavers, and knitters. I watched Marci from Th’Red Head Designs spin for a while and spent a lot of time fondling her yarns and finished items. And yes, I brought some of her yarn home (I have a stash acquisition problem – that is part of the reason I opened a shop). I watched a woman hand knitting socks and another weave a rug. I took a project with me (of course) but I didn’t work on it as much as normal at the Faire.

But I came home with many ideas inspired by the people and fibers I saw and felt (fibers, I tried not to feel the people). And I started thinking about how fibers talk to us, tell us what they are supposed to be and how sometimes it takes a while (a long while) for the fiber to talk to us. I heard a lot of yarn talking yesterday!

More on this subject tomorrow.

*in case you are curious, I was in 14th century merchant garb yesterday. I’ll see if one of my friends got a photo


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