Foggy Friday

It’s a lovely foggy Friday here in Central Kansas! Perfect for knitting. Or crocheting. Or spinning. Or – well, you get the idea!
I had a plan for what all I was going to write today, but I blinked and forgot my ideas (it’s been this way all week). So, I’m going to ramble (big surprise there, I know!).
I’ve been making lots of plans over the summer, and some of them are coming to fruition. We’ll have a new line of bags and needle cases coming soon. And I’ve been getting “samples” in of some of the new yarn lines I’m hoping to add to the shop (sample = small orders of yarn to play with, see how they look, how they knit up and if they are what folks are wanting).  It’s been a slow process, but I’m picky (another surprise, I know).

I also have the November class schedule done – we might add more (like some cross-stitch classes), but the Saturday classes are scheduled.  More about them soon!


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