Storm’s Coming

I’m going to blame the storms coming through for my inability to focus (Focus Pinky! Focus!).
Fall might have finally arrived in Kansas (not supposed to get over 90 this week!) and there are thunderstorms around – normally I’d say “big surprise” but they’ve been few and far between this year. And storms usually make me anxious – not scared anxious, just anxious-anxious. Unable to settle anxious.
Then there is the fact that I’m waiting at the store for a yarn order – so I can’t leave to go to the fair and see if any of my regular yarnaholics (or if I) won ribbons at the State Fair! One of said yarnaholics is at said Fair and is supposed to be sending updates but they aren’t coming quickly enough for my storm-addled nerves!
So, I’m sitting in the glider, staring out the window at Main Street, watching lightening, listening to thunder and flipping between Twitter, Facebook and messenger willing info to come faster.
Time to let go the anxiousness and watch the storm.
And maybe get some knitting done for the next Fair – never too early to start!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leanne
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 18:01:03

    HA! The storm is having that exact same effect on me right now!! Checking fb, blogs, and trying to work on a poster at the same time, while occasional jumping up to look out the windows… 😀 Also, it’s about time for me to stop in at Oh Yarn It, and soon, I hope!


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