Songs, Start-itis, and a Sale

Ever have a song pop into your head and you have no idea why it’s there? Today it’s the theme from The Love Boat. I’m surprised I remember it. Oh well

In knitting related news, I’m progressing on the Evenstar Shawl. Progression is hampered by a series case of start-itis. I am not surprised by that (unlike the tune still floating through my head). After all that concentrated work on Lady Eleanor and deadlines for the State Fair, start-itis is a natural reaction.

Other news: Yarn Shop Hop is coming up! Passports will go on sale on September 1 – and this year the first 250 passport purchasers get a free tote bag!

Other other news: I need to clear out some Cascade 220 wool so I can fit new in – that means SALE! 25% off Cascade 220 Worsted (excluding paints) and Cascade 220 Sport. So if you are in the mood to make soakers or woollies for your infant, now’s the time to stock up!


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