The Olympics and Ravellenic Games!

I’m obsessed with the Olympics. Always have been and don’t imagine it will change in the future. I’ve never missed watching an opening ceremony. I read every news article I can find on them (that’s a lot by the way – Internet). I tear up at poignant stories of athletes triumphing over hardship and at hearing our The Star Spangled Banner. Unfortunately I have never and will never be a great athlete – that would requires putting down the yarn and stepping away from the computer/iPhone (won’t happen).

But I participate! I watch every event I can from Table Tennis to Track and Field – and all this watching (and sitting) means KNITTING! So I have entered “Mine” in the Ravellenic Game’s WIP Wrestling and have been entrelacing my fingers off for three days now (punctuated by browsing Internet looking for poignant stories about rowers from Niger and Bronx gymnasts).

“Mine” is actually the Lady Eleanor Stole and it’s lovely. I’m not actually certain why it’s been languishing in the UFO bin for months (maybe because it doesn’t have lace). Of course I’ve modified it; I’m using 4 colors and have worked out a color chart for the “blocks.” I love the effect but I’ve discovered a draw back to doing color work in a competition (of sorts). I have to weave in ends before its done. Whoops.

I’ll keep you updated.





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