The Olympics and Ravellenic Games!

I’m obsessed with the Olympics. Always have been and don’t imagine it will change in the future. I’ve never missed watching an opening ceremony. I read every news article I can find on them (that’s a lot by the way – Internet). I tear up at poignant stories of athletes triumphing over hardship and at hearing our The Star Spangled Banner. Unfortunately I have never and will never be a great athlete – that would requires putting down the yarn and stepping away from the computer/iPhone (won’t happen).

But I participate! I watch every event I can from Table Tennis to Track and Field – and all this watching (and sitting) means KNITTING! So I have entered “Mine” in the Ravellenic Game’s WIP Wrestling and have been entrelacing my fingers off for three days now (punctuated by browsing Internet looking for poignant stories about rowers from Niger and Bronx gymnasts).

“Mine” is actually the Lady Eleanor Stole and it’s lovely. I’m not actually certain why it’s been languishing in the UFO bin for months (maybe because it doesn’t have lace). Of course I’ve modified it; I’m using 4 colors and have worked out a color chart for the “blocks.” I love the effect but I’ve discovered a draw back to doing color work in a competition (of sorts). I have to weave in ends before its done. Whoops.

I’ll keep you updated.





August Class Schedule

This is going to be a very boring post (possibly. If you enjoy getting information about classes it’s right up your alley.)

The August Class Schedule is complete and here it is!

Adult Classes:

August 18 – “What is this hook and how do I use it?” Beginning Crochet for Adults*. 10am to 11:30am

August 25 – “What are these sticks and what do I do with them?” Beginning Knitting for Adults*. 10am to 11:30 am

August 4 Crochet 101 – “Now what do I do?” Reading patterns and more advanced crochet stitches. 1pm to 3 pm. $20

August 7 Introduction to Lace Knitting Come learn the basics of knitting lace. 6pm to 8pm. $20

August 11 Knitting 101 – “Now what do I do?” Reading patterns and charts, stitch patterns. 1pm to 3 pm. $20

August 14 Socks! Starting a top-down sock. 6pm to 8pm $20

August 18 Baby Hats (knitting) Want to help out with charities collecting preemie hats or hats for newborns? This is for you. 1pm to 3pm $20

August 21 Christmas Club Been working with us on Christmas Stockings? Needing support on a Christmas project? 6pm to 8 pm (price varies – call for info)

August 25 Crochet Granny Squares Ever popular for afghans, belts, purses and yarnbombing. Explore the varieties of squares. 1pm to 3pm $20

August 28 Woolies and Soakers (knit) Do you use cloth diapers or know someone who does? Learn how to knit your own wool diaper covers. 6pm to 8pm $20

Youth Classes (14 and under):

August 4 – “What is this hook and how do I use it?” Beginning Crochet for Kids*. 10am to 11:30am

August 11 – “What are these sticks and what do I do with them?” Beginning Knitting for Kids*. 10am to 11:30 am

*All beginners’ classes are $20, with the purchase of yarn and hook or needles, you get 1 free beginners class.

If you need more information or want to register (registration is required as class size is limited – 4 per class for beginnings and 8 per class for advanced), call (620 504-4001, email, visit Facebook (Oh Yarn It), or just comment on this blog!

Stalking stockings

I’ve sort of been stalking stocking designs for a while. Christmas Stockings that is. For a few months people have been asking about them so I decided to start a sort of club/class for them. Christmas in July if you will.

If you have a burning desire to make your own Christmas Stockings, here’s your chance! There is an added benefit making what is, in essence, a giant sock – learn afterthought heels on big yarn with big needles rather than on itty-bitty needles and thin string! Plus the potential of stitch patterns and color work! My mind is spinning with idea for cables and Fair Isle and felting and – well, you’ll be seeing the outcome soon enough I’m certain!

Lazy Summer Days

We’re over 100 degrease Fahrenheit here again today. I often hear that it’s too hot to have wool on your lap during the summer. I have central air conditioning – and it works well – so that really isn’t a problem for me. The problem is, I’m solar powered and it’s too hot to go outside and get fueled up! So I sit around like a slug doing nothing.

Well not quite nothing. I played solitaire on my phone. I pet my dog. I spun for about 10 minutes on some roving I’ve been working on, but I was interrupted by the puppy who thought the roving looked interesting and had to check it out.


Now he’s asleep.


I should be knitting on Yvonne – the half vest, half shawl – by CocoKnits that I’m knitting; I only have 5 more inches to go.

I should cast on the Empire Top by Lily Go that I fell in love with (I even SWATCHED!).

Really, I should be doing bookwork or preparing for the Christmas Stocking class/club.

Am I going to do any of these things? Probably not. I think a movie and I’ve cream will be on the agenda and the yarn might interfere with the ice cream!


Those that keep up with my projects know that I have chronic startitis. I usually have about 10 projects going at a time. Until this summer. I am down to five!

I’m finishing things. Not that I don’t finish things normally. I do. It’s just that I tend to cast on two items for every one I finish.

I finished the baby afghan my niece asked me to make for a college friend (K-State if you’re wondering).


And I finished a purse. To be honest, I also started the purse. It was a one weekend project. I seem to be crocheting more this summer too.


And I haven’t started anything (except the purse which doesn’t count because I finished it).

What else will I finish this summer? We’ll have to see – since I’m participating in the WIP Wrestling event in the Ravellenic Games maybe a lot!

Stay tuned!

Knit underpants?

Have I told you about the underpants I’m knitting?

Technically it isn’t underpants. It is Yvonne from Coco Knits Yvonne by Coco Knits. And it is going to be gorgeous – once past the underpants stage! It will be a racerback cardigan/shawl.
The yarn is from Blue Heron (rayon/metallic) in the Marsh-grass colorway. If you haven’t has the chance to fondle this yarn yet, find some to fondle! It is so incredibly soft and the colors are amazing!
I’m also working on a shawl, socks, a stole (but that is for the Ravellenic Games – go Team CKKG!) and 3 or 4 things I’ve forgotten about.
What are you working on this summer?

Happy Independence Day

Once again, I seem to have lost a month. Or two. I really have to figure out how that happens. Right now I’m going to blame the heat.

So, I’ve finally got the Christmas Stocking class and the Summer Shawl Knit-a-long class scheduled! I’m only a month behind schedule (I really can’t figure out what happened to June; maybe it’s early senility. I did have a birthday in there).

Mark you calendars. Summer Shawl KAL is Saturday the 14th at 1:30 PM; we’re knitting my Inspiration Shawl this summer. The pattern will be available at the store.

The Christmas Stocking class will be available on 2 days – Tuesday the 17th from 6 PM to 8 PM and Saturday the 21st from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Call, come by, or email to sign up (or Ravelry or Facebook). Phone (620) 504-5001. Email Ravelry group Oh Yarn It. Facebook at Oh Yarn It.

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