Bike to Work Day

Today is Ride Your Bike to Work Day. I ride my bike to work a lot – now that I have a bike that is. And now that I work in town. No more 1.5 hour commute in the car anymore!
So I rode my bike to work. In gale force winds. Ok, maybe not gale force, but strong enough that it almost stopped me dead in my tracks (on my wheels?) when it gusted. But I made it!
Then I blocked an afghan. Total non-sequitur but it was an important part of my day. I’ve been working on this afghan – baby sized- for a while. Not focused working, just slow and leisurely hooking on it. Then I ran out of white yarn. I own a yarn store. I don’t often run out of yarn, but white is the color of choice for blankets this summer in McPherson. In case you are interested. So, I received the yarn – finally – then panicked the dyelots wouldn’t match. They don’t, but it’s not to far off, especially since the blanket is granny squares separated by borders.
But most importantly it’s done so now I can work in the three lace projects I’ve got going. And planning for Knit in Public Day. And birthday knitting.



May the 4th Be With You

I have crazy friends and I love them! And my friends tend to be nerds, or as my brother-in-law likes to say “We prefer Intellectual Badass!” And this is the 4th of May. As in “May the 4th be with you.” Star Wars humor.

Yoda hat

Yoda hat







And this May 4th coincided nicely with a baby shower for two of my friends. I made them, well technically the baby (but let’s be realistic, the kid isn’t going to care or understand for many years, so it’s for the parents really), a felted Yoda hat and a Yoda baby bottle cover.

Yoda bottle cozy

Yoda bottle cozy

The bottle cover may be the cutest thing I’ve ever knit (to date – I don’t discount that something cuter might be knit in the future)!  I want to make them for everyone.  I think I will alter it into a can cozy, maybe felt it.  I’ll post pictures!

May the 4th be with you!

And don’t forget next week is the anniversary party so come by for cake (or other yummy munchies), a free set of beaded stitch markers with every purchase over $5 and sales!

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