thirty-one party

I fell for thirty-one bags and totes a few weeks ago at the women’s fair so I scheduled a party at the store. This is your invite (maybe your 3rd if your one the mailing list and facebook). Thursday, March 22 at 6 pm to whenever. Bags that work for knitting, cross stitch, make-up, hauling kids stuff, storing yarn – about anything you can think of! And there will be snacks! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it – purses, yarn and snacks – my three favorite things! And it’s Knit, Crochet, Socialize so bring your projects too!


Yarn wins!

Big surprise there, I know!

But it was a tough decision.  The problem is, I wanted to buy more than I did.  I hate having to pace myself on yarn.  I just want to buy it all so I can share it with everyone!  So, what I bought was:

New Yarns

New Yarns





Feza Premier and Dazzle.  I’ve had these before but sold out during the holidays. 

Blue Heron.  This is a line of yarn I haven’t carried before.  It’s luscious!  Remember the cartoon “I want to love him, and squeeze him, and pat him, and call him George” – my quote may be slightly off – well that is this yarn.  I want to cuddle up with a skein and snuggle it – which maybe a sign that I need to get counseling, but I’m going to ignore it.  What I have in the store right now is a Cotton/Rayon/Flax (ie: linen)/metallic blend.  Not too metallic, just enough to glow, slightly.  And the skeins are HUGE – 570 yards!  What will be in the store – after it’s dyed – is a Rayon Metallic; again, just enough metallic to make it glow.  And it is silky!!!!!!  And 550 yards.  I have a couple of skeins that I’m going to use to make up a sample or two.  To get an idea of how much yarn is on one of these skeins – a scarf made with one skein is longer than I can hold up, and I’m tall!  It dragged the ground. 

Really long scarf

Really long scarf







Ok, I think I’ve gushed enough – time to deal with my still-not-monogamous-knitting-problem.  I finished a sock and a jabot (a fancy ruffly neck tie).  And have 4 more things in the starting process.  I think that equals two steps ahead and four back. 

Happy yarning!

Yarn overload!

It’s coming soon! The overload of deciding which yarn to order! The stress is overwhelming. Or maybe I want to focus more on accessories, but that yarn is squishing and that one is so pretty…. It’s too hard! Can’t I just buy one of everything?!
Stop. Deep breath. Ok.
The yarn rep isn’t even here yet and I’m already stressing.
Stay tuned for the outcome. Suffice to say, new stuff will be here soon!

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