I lost another month

Ok, not quite a full month – only half of one! At least it’s the shortest month so I don’t feel quite so bad. And it has been a BUSY month!

So what have I been doing?  Let me show you some pictures; 1000 words and all that!

DMC Embroidery Floss

DMC Embroidery Floss

This may not be the clearest photo but that is DMC embroidery floss.  A lot of it.   I’ve wanted floss but it took a few months longer than I thought to be able to add it to the store. 
Toward the counter

Toward the counter

View from front door
View from front door
Classroom area
Classroom area
 I’ve also rearranged.  Again.  For those you haven’t figured it out, I like to rearrange things.  As I get new items in, new shelves, decide I need a coffee pot and so on, I move things.  I might one day find the “perfect” spot for everything and leave it – but I really doubt it!
Coming up in March, I’m going to put the classroom to use with a  class on knitting mittens, crochet entrelac, and knitting 101 – aka: now what I do!  I’ll let you know the days for the classes soon!
But closer on the horizon, we’ll be at the “Leap Into a New You” fair at the Community Building in McPherson on February 25 & 26.  Get more info here http://www.mcphersonks.org/news.php?action=fullnews&id=129
We’ll have kits for scarves and spa cloths – and maybe a few other things!
Store Hours:
Tuesday & Wednesday 10 to 6
Thursday 10 to 8
Friday 10 to 6
Saturday 9 to 4
(620) 504-5001                                      

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