The date is what?!

What do you mean it’s the end of January?! New Year’s Day was last week! Wasn’t it? When was my last post? Oh Phooey!

So that means time to order spring yarn and thing about Presidents’ Day sales. And Taxes (yes the capital “T” is purposeful. That’s income tax versus sales tax).

And knitting. I’ve been knitting – I think. I forgot to get on Ravelry and Knit Meter to document it. If it isn’t on Ravelry is it real? I’ve frogged a lot, does that count? I went to the Guild meeting, didn’t I? There are pictures on my camera from it so I must have. Whew! That’s done at least.

Shouldn’t the weeks before Christmas have blurred more than January? Maybe it was because Christmas knitting was purposeful. I thought about every stitch that had to be done and was. Maybe I’m not being purposeful in January but just floating along. Like Flotsam. Hmmmmm

I think others must be having a “flotsam” sort of January too. Traffic on this end of Main Street is way down, shoppers are few and far between and those that come in seem vaguely shell shocked. Post Holidays’ Trauma maybe. Or maybe they are looking forward to “Taxes” too!

I am enjoying the sun still being up (sort of) as I type this at 5:30PM. It’s not really “up” but the sky is still light, so I’m counting it.

And it’s Knit, Crochet, Socialize night – that’s always good for rejuvenation. Although, if it’s really the 4th Thursday, I think that means we’ve had 3 Knit, Crochet, Socialize nights since the month started. Hmmmmm. Time to start a program of purposefulness (is that a word? Is now!)

So – on the logistic end of life.  Keep checking Facebook – the Presidents’ Day Sale is coming up soon!


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