Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m curious as to where October went.  I seemed to have missed it completely.  I vaguely remember kids in costumes marching up and down the street.  I only realized how far into November we are when the alert popped up on my phone “Buy Arthur’s b-day gift”!  Good gravy Gertude!  Where has the time gone? (Not to mention that my youngest nephew is now 4!  How did that happen?!)

What’s been happening at the store?  Well, what will be happening is decorating for Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner since I refused to be “retail – savvy” and decorate before Halloween for Christmas.  What has happened is MORE YARN!  Yippee! 

I was going to post pictures but I’m having technical difficulties (MAYBE user error, but I really don’t think so this time).   So, here we go at painting a picture with words!

Bear Creek Chunky – variegated colors in the weight of yarn that screams for size 19 needles or a rug hook.  Beautiful colors that knit and crochet FAST!  Perfection Worsted and DK – a machine washable and dryable yarn.  Superwash wool and acrylic blend that feels like wool.  Great for kids, blankets, or prayer shawls.  These are all from Kraemer Yarns – that means made in America!

And then there is Feza, my newest line addition.  These are fun and funky yarns (ribbons, fuzzy, sparkly, soft – all sorts of goodness!).  And we’ve knit all sorts of cool stuff with it already. 

I’m going to keep working on this picture problem – I might be back later today with photos (hopefully)!


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