I love Holidays!  Any Holiday – doesn’t matter which one or when it is.  Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, Veteran’s Day (aka Armstice Day).  I love them all!  (And yes, I am a sentimental sap who cries at coffee commercials!).  I really love the Fall and Winter Holidays – Halloween through Valentines.  (For the same reason I really love the Spring and Summer ones – it’s just that the Fall and Winter ones are on the doorstep so I’ll gush on them today.) 

I’m sitting here today with a sweater on my lap (I’m knitting intermittently), some good Celtic music in the background (big surprise there, right?), a cup of coffee on the table and watching the fall colored leaves fall with the cold rain through the window with the Thanksgiving display in it.  It’s snug and cozy here, bright hanks of yarn all around and the knowledge that I have a LOT of Christmas knitting to get done (I’m not panicking yet!).  And the Holiday Open House on Main Street is this weekend – as is the Festival of Tables and Christmas Market here at the Opera House.  All of these things combine to make me very happy and feel quite Holiday-celebration-ish (yes, I’m creating my own language again).

February "Pink" Lady sweater in process

February "Pink" Lady sweater in process








I’m refusing to decorate for Christmas yet.  One Holiday at a time for me and it’s still harvest celebration time for me.  I might put up a small pine tree for my turkey to hide in though!  And, for some odd reason, I thought it would be a good idea to make the ornaments for my Christmas tree this wear, so I have a stack of ornament patterns by my chair to work on.  I might be a bit over ambitious! 

Thanksgiving Display

Thanksgiving Display


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