Many thoughts are whirling through my head as the count down to Central Kansas Yarn Hop 2011 continues.  Like “Why didn’t I post the blog I wrote last week for I Love Yarn Day?”  Oh yeah, I was having technical issues and then I got busy and forgot what I was doing – hah!  (How do yo tell the difference between a blonde and a ‘Blonde’?  A blonde has blond hair; a ‘Blonde’ likes to share all the ditzy things they do with everyone they know!  Yep, I’m blonde and Blonde!)

So, last week was I Love Yarn Day and we had a sale and I listed lots of reason why I love yarn and tried to put up lots of pretty pictures of prettier yarn (that was the technical difficulty – I will try to correct that this week).

Fountain Hill yarn by Kraemer

Fountain Hill yarn by Kraemer









Fall squash and baskets

Fall squash and baskets







This week?  It’s the Central Kansas Yarn Hop 2011!  Huzzah!  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – 12 stores – great prizes – free stuff!  What could be better?  Well, sales here again, but that’s just the whipped cream on top of the frosting! (Now I’m hungry – did I mention The Cake Lady is next door?  Makes diets difficult, but life sweet!  Grab a cookie or cupcake when you come by!)

Sweater weather is finally here and I’m so excited!  And I have a new sweater to wear – I finally finished Rosamund, but I can’t post a picture yet because I keep forgetting to take one.  I usually remember when I’m wearing the sweater and by myself.  Then someone comes in and I get distracted (imagine that, me, easily distracted!).  I’ll get one tomorrow, I promise!  Then I’ll get it posted on Ravelry and the sweater I’ve been wearing for a week will finally be completed.

In other yarny news – startitis has hit again and now I’m having to limit myself:  no new cast-ons until I bind off a project.  And my UFO basket is growing.  Ok, the basket isn’t growing, but if I put anything else in it I’ll have to get the larger basket out of the garage and then we’ll have no walking space behind the table because the basket is HUGE!  I just have to finish some of the 15 projects that need to be done by Christmas!  This is what I get for not listening to my own advice and sitting up a Christmas knitting schedule in July.  I am piecing together Mamaw’s afghan reproduction finally, so I guess that’s another one that is getting close to being done!

We also just completed the first Seamless Sweater Design Class over the weekend.  The class is completed, not the sweaters!  Some are really close to be completed however – and absolutely beautiful!  I can’t wait till the finished projects are done and posted so we can see them.  And coming up in November is Knit-Stitchionary 301 – an introduction to lace with the Feather and Fan and Old Shale lace patterns.  These look great in any weight of yarn which makes them perfect for heavier winter stoles and shawls.  Other class-type stuff:  socks have been requested again, so keep an eye out for those soon, along with Entrelac and some other stitch pattern type stuff (like double-knit and brioche).

Entrelac - "Lady Eleanor's Stole"

Entrelac - "Lady Eleanor's Stole"


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