It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It really is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!  The sky is a beautiful blue, the trees have just the slightest hint of yellow. Yes, it’s going to be a bit warm later this afternoon but this morning is fabulous.  I may even have to knit a Mr. Rogers sweater if it stays this nice!  And the postman just pulled up to bring me a package of needles and accessories! Can the day get any better?

So what have I been working on?  Lots!!!! (did I mention that startitis hit again?)

Fountain Hill yarn

Fountain Hill - mohair and acrylic, sport weight and beautiful






Fountain Hill by Kraemer is one of my new yarns.  It’s a mohair/acrylic blend in a sport weight.  I’m knitting up a beautiful free pattern from the Kraemer website called the Bedford Springs Shawl with scallop edge; it’s a simple seed stitch (with a scalloped edge! – sorry, couldn’t resist) and this yarn knits like a dream for a fuzzy mohair – you know what I mean if you’ve knit mohair before!  Right now I have the yarn in a sage green, a lilac, and a silver-grey (stunning!) – and just a little bit (it’s popular) of this dark green with a gold thread in it (the gold doesn’t show up in the photo); and I have more on order.

Burly Spun purse

Burly Spun purse

If this pattern looks vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s a modification of the One Skein Purse in Burly spun from Brown Sheep – I have a lime green one, that actually follows the pattern, hanging in the store on display.  This is a special request from my niece – she likes large totes so asked if I could make one in her “size” and picked out the yarn.  I added an extra cable and seed stitch panel (I’m noticing a trend with me a seed stitch!) to the pattern and voila!  I finally found the right material to line it (I think; I change my mind often!).  Hopefully it will be finished by this weekend.
Harvest goodies?

Harvest goodies? I wouldn't want to eat these, but they were a lot of fun to make. And they'll probably keep multiplying, because they are also QUICK! Theresa (a regular here) and I started out following patterns, then we branched out to experimenting - experimenting is more fun! And the bowls were going to be more squash-y like things (too many uses for the term "squash" in English) but the first one decided to be a bowl and I liked it so I went with the flow and made another in a larger size. Isn't it wonderful when your knitting and crocheting tells you "Nope. Not going there. I'm doing this instead!" Just like a toddler but not as noisy.Sale!Cascade 220 on clearance








And in the store – but not on the needles/hooks – I still have some Cascade 220 on clearance for 30% off!  If teal is your color, as on 11 AM, October 5, there is enough dark teal to make a sweater (unless you’re knitting for a line backer!).

Thursday the 6th is the First Thursday of October – THE MAIN EVENT!  Come downtown and check out the sales, the food, the entertainment – and of course the Knit, Crochet, Socialize group.  Lace yarn will be on sale here from 5 to 9 PM so, if you’ve been wanting to start a new shawl, come check out the selection!

Happy Yarning!



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