A-Purling I Will Go!

I’m questioning my wisdom today. Purl is not my favorite stitch. I don’t DISLIKE it per se, but knit stitch is quicker. So why am I not knitting this reverse stockinette stitch inside out instead of purling it right side out? It’s taking FOREVER! I knit much faster than I purl, but nooooo! I choose to work on the wrong side which means 63 rows of purl stitch.  64 stitches per row.  That is 4032 purl stitches.  Or I could have worked flat rather than in the round, then I would at least have some variety.  Oh well; no point crying over tangled yarn – just makes your make-up run.

I’m also discovering that if the front door of my shop is not propped open, no one comes shopping.  It gives me lots of practice with the fly swatter because they come in then can’t figure out how to get back out the open doors. I’m not sure what I’ll do come winter, but I’ll figure something out.  Not about the flies, but the open doors.

And I am finally starting on my Christmas presents.  Better late than never.  And I might make it in time since knitting and crocheting really is my job now.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  I only have 12 items on my “get done now!” list – not including the amigurmi stuff for the window display; I have help on it so I’m not actually counting it.

Re-arranged store

Re-arranged store, sort of. Two new shelves that aren't shown.








The other direction

More of the store facing the other direction












I realized I haven’t posted pictures of the shop since I doubled my inventory and my shelving units.  So here they are.  Of course, I’ve already added two more shelves, but I haven’t figured out where I want to put the two new ones for certain.

Maybe I’ll figure it out before market in January!

Happy Yarning!


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