Christmas is 95 Days Away

Admittedly, I have problems with numbers, so I might be off by a day or two, but not more than that.   I’m starting to panic.

I’ve been telling everyone since July to start their Christmas gift projects.  Did I start my projects?  No!  Why not?  I used to have a sign in my studio that said “The Procrastinators Anonymous Support Group Meeting Has Been Postponed Until Tomorrow.”  That’s not it though – I haven’t been procrastinating, well not exactly.  I’m working on projects, six of them to be exact (and that isn’t counting the business end of owning a yarn shop).  I should be congratulated for actually finishing 4 projects and another will be done today.  The problem is, I still have still have 9 to get cast on this month!  And only one of those is a Christmas gift; one IS a birthday gift, but I still have one other birthday to knit for prior to Christmas and one falls right after Christmas.

I should have taken my own advice and started working on gifts in July!


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