Knitting Nunchuks

I love fall! The weather is nice – even though my consupmtion of Kleenx goes through the roof (sneeze, sneeze, sneeze!) – and the idea of knitting sweaters no longer seems repulsive.  I seem to have lots of random thoughts though; I blame to allergies. 

For example:  I received a shipment of yarn and some pattern books last week (a BIG shipment, by the way).  One of the books is Knit Wit.  A really cute book of monsters and oddness (I personally love the alligator with legs sticking out it’s mouth, but I’ve always been a bit macabre).  One of the patterns is a ninja.  Then Sunday I drove to the my best friend’s farm outside Marion to visit (this does pertain, really).  While driving, I was listening to podcasts (big surprise, I know).  “Cast On” with Brenda Dayne is one of my favorites – if you haven’t listened to it, do!  What does this have to do with knitting nunchuks?  The podcast opening includes the phrase “pick up your pointy sticks and let’s cast on.”  Well Sunday, after looking at the knit ninjas and hearing Brenda talk about pointy sticks, my mind took one of it’s weird sideways jumps.  If single points are the equivalents of swords, are circulars the knitting equivalent of nunchuks?

Fall also has brought a rash of finishitis.  I’ve finished three items this week.  I haven’t put pictures up yet – I’ll get around to it eventually. 

Well, time to put the computer aside and start reorganizing yarn!  Another shipment is coming in this week and I have to do some reorganinzing to fit it all in!

Happy yarning!


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