A Brain Overloaded by Yarn

You know when you walk into a yarn store and your brain starts spinning just looking at all the colors. Then you start feeling the textures and your brain totally overloads with colors, feel, even smell. That was my day.

No, I wasn’t going to other yarn shops (though that is one of my favorite things to do – I love MY shop, but it is work; other people’s shops aren’t work). I had someone bring yarn to me – a vendor. (Insert big sigh here – I’ll explain why)

So, I’m adding two more yarn lines and a line of shawl pins and key chains; three more lines will follow when my brain has recovered enough to look at more. The two lines I’m adding – Kraemer and JWray – are American made and lovely. JWray is another handpainted and dyed company with beautiful colors, and is out of Missouri no less! Kraemer is from Pennsylvania and if you want to know more about them, look in just about any knitting magazine. I’m adding just a few items from each company until I know how they fit (physically -I do have a small space if you’ll recall).   Oh, and some new books and patterns.

And I bought quite a bit that isn’t wool.  Everyone breathe!  I know, it sounds shocking to anyone who knows my wool obsession, but you’ll understand when you see and feel.  And then there are my two customers allergic to wool.  So, I got cottons, cotton blends, and linen (woohoo!).  And wool (you really didn’t think I would buy yarn and not get any wool did you?) 

So, why the big sigh earlier?  So much yarn!  My entire table – the one I use for blocking and classes? yeah, that one – was COVERED with yarn.  I should have taken a picture, but when you are in the midst of yarn rapture you don’t think of these things.  Well, I don’t think of these things.  So, all this yarn, my brain spinning with color and texture overload and the one small part of my brain that was still working yelling “you can’t by one of everything!”  An hour after she left and I cannot remember what colors I purchased, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some of the fibers.  I’m surprised I remember what lines I bought!  And she still has two or three lines of yarn to show me! 

My brain is still spinning!

Other things happening?  On top of the orders yesterday, I’ve a rather larger order of Cascade Yarn coming in this week – including Superwash and sport weight by request.  And more needles came in this week too.  I now have single points from size 4 to 17 and double points from 0 to 13.

Also, in response to a question about blocking last week.  I use the big table in the store, or the floor if it isn’t big enough, and cover it with blocks.  You can order the blocks from KnitPicks (they aren’t available for sell in stores yet) or you can go to Sam’s or Walmart (and probably a lot of other places) and buy the blocks that go on the floor under your workout machines.  The ones from KnitPicks are smaller and more manageable, but the big 2 foot blocks from Walmart come in handy for big items, like a shawl.  The main thing is you must have a place that your item to be blocked can be set aside and no disturbed until it is dry and ready to wear/use/display.

Traveling Woman Shawl on display

Traveling Woman Shawl on display

I added the photo just because I couldn’t do a blog without having at least one photo!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Leanne
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 15:49:39

    Ooooo!! I wish I could have seen all that yarn!! 😀 I really, really want to come in again sometime soon. (Unfortunately, September weekends are super busy…maybe October!) And thanks for the suggestion on those blocks. I’ve been wondering how I’d block a shawl I’m working on right now. That would be perfect!


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