Summer KAL 2011 – I Finished It!

I’m finished with the Traveling Woman Shawl! It’s on the blocking table right now. I wondered some days if I’d ever get it done, but I did. And it’s lovely.

Traveling Woman Shawl Summer KAL 2011

Traveling Woman Shawl Summer KAL 2011








If I make it again (“if” because there are so many patterns I want to make that I don’t think I have enough years left to repeat patterns! Given enough time, I’d love to make another one) I’m going to change the wingspan to backlength ratio – I think I’d like it to drape down the back farther to show off the pattern even more. Of course this will be hanging on a wall (for the time being at least) so it will work great!

Detail of Traveling Woman Shawl

Detail of Traveling Woman Shawl








I used Abstract Fiber’s Matisse in Big Girl Pink and Hydrangea for this.  I love the yarn, but it has a lot of energy and quite often “exploded” off the needles if I wasn’t paying attention (a common occurrence when I’m knitting – I talk, I watch movies, I listen to audio books) and this really isn’t autopilot knitting so I should have paid more attention.  I compensated by using lots of lifelines.  If you look at the pictures on Ravelry (lekessler or on the Oh Yarn It group) you’ll see the in process pictures with the lifelines.  It was worth the sacrifice of many yards of crochet cotton!

Finishing this has given me a burst of finish-itis to replace the start-itis. I might get more things finished – gives me shivers thinking about it!  Of course there are other things that must be done on a time schedule – like a bunch of purple baby hats for collection by the Central Kansas Knitters’ Guild (check out the blog here on WordPress – centralksknittersguild) for shaken baby prevention.  If you want to donate your time, knit up a purple baby hat or two (in baby friendly yarn) and drop it off here or at any of the other yarn stores in the area that are helping out.  For more info, come by the store or go to


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  1. Terrie G
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 18:00:24

    Blocking table? I’ve never heard of that. Is it something that makes blocking easier? I hate blocking.


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