Oh Happy Days!

No, not the TV series but the weather!  It was in the 60s this morning when I went outside to herd the dog from across the ally back into his fence.  Made being outside at 7 AM in my bare feet and yoga pants feel comfortable.

And I’ve had a positive orgy of knitting and crocheting this weekend!  I’ve been on a BBC kick so I’ve been watching old BBC mystery series I’ve checked out from the library.  Lord Peter Wimsey and I got a lot of yarn work done while he solved three murders!  I love to watch old shows or listen to audio books while I knit and crochet – I can get stuff accomplished while feeding my passion for mystery stories, win-win!  Maybe I should bring a DVD player into the shop and introduce everyone to the joy of 1970s BBC mystery shows!

Finished baby set #1

Finished baby set #1








I’m hoping the nice weather will get my brain back on track after the baking it’s received over the summer.  I’m still feeling a bit jumbled in my thought processes – more than a bit actually.  I feel like a drunk on a pogo stick!  This is probably the root of my startitis – I can’t focus on anyone thing so I bounce everywhere.  (And don’t even ask about grammar – Oy!).  I did at least finish one of the two baby sets I am making as a favor to my sister for friends of hers.  Now I just have to get Christmas gifts and another baby set done.  By December. 

Did I mention that YOU NEED TO BE WORKING ON CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!  It isn’t too late but you should really get a move on if you are making gifts this year.

New project started over the weekend

New project started over the weekend









Of course to offset the project I finished , I started another one.  And this isn’t a Christmas present either (I’m starting to get a bit stressed over this!)

o what’s happening at the shop this week?  Because I’m enjoying the weather so much, I’m taking 20% off all wool and wool-blend yarns this week.  It feels like Fall, it looks like Fall, it smells like Fall and I’m craving a Renaissance Faire – so we are going to celebrate with a sale (I know, it’s Kansas and it’s August, we’ll get more 100 degree temps, but I feel like indulging in my delusion for a day or two!).


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