Brain Mush

My brain is mush this afternoon. I’ve spent the day searching the internet for the perfect display unit. It doesn’t exist. I should design it and sell it – I’d make a fortune. From all of the yarn retailers who think just the way I do. So maybe I wouldn’t make a fortune. I have to come up with something because I have piles of needles and accessories, and a few of yarn, just laying on my class table because I have no place to put them.

Stuff in need of a home

Stuff in need of a home








I don’t think people want t reach to the top of the six-foot bookcase to select needles.

Too high to reach

Too high to reach








And my allergies are killing me.  I’m out of tissues

And I haven’t knit at all today.

Yes, I am whining, but that is my prerogative today.

So, did everyone watch the Sock Summit Flash Mob on You Tube?  If not, click here .  Definitely worth a watch!  Of course it made me want to go watch Dirty Dancing (again).

Micro Dog came to work with me this morning.  She slept all morning – when she wasn’t barking at the post-woman.  I have a theory about why dogs bark at post-people: they stride with purpose and the dogs freak at someone “striding” into their territory without even a pause.  If the post-people strolled, nonchalantly, leisurely even, it might make a difference.  Either that or it’s the uniform.

It’s cloudy outside – I’m betting the chances of rain are slim to none.  Bummer.  Fall has to get here eventually.  I hope.  Please?

Project basket

Project basket








I know this is jumbled today.  As I said my brain is mush.  I’m going to knit and see if that will help.  Something REALLY simple so as not to be irreparably damaged by my mushy brain!


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