Ramblings for this last week in July!

My startitis is turning into finishitis. I still want to cast on more, but my brain is saying “finish stuff before you start more.” And I’m actually listening to it! Unfortunately it seems like it is taking forever to get anything done. I’m at that stage where everything stays the same size no matter how much I work on it.

Summer 2011 CAL

Summer 2011 CAL








My sister was here yesterday when my latest shipment came in – needles and hooks this time, not yarn. She was all excited thinking it was yarn that she could fondle, then bummed because it wasn’t. Personally, I was excited because I love these needles – Chiaogoo Red and Red Lace circulars. Cables that don’t get all twisty and crimped, and nice sharp points!

Chiaogoo Red Circular Needles

Chiaogoo Red Circular Needles








Also got in new hooks – bamboo handles with metal hook. Get the hold of bamboo but the metal hook for those who prefer it. And double points up to a US15 now!

Chiaogoo DPNs and Hooks

Chiaogoo DPNs and Hooks








All this talk of needles makes me want to cast on again! Must finish something first!!!

WOO! Windy day – my front door just blew open! Sorry – another “oh shiny” tangent!

What else is new around here? I have a new counter. Well it is new as a counter, but not new to the store. The cabinet I was using as a bargain bin now has a counter top on it. It looks good, but I’m still making plans for it. And now of course I need another display counter!


The new counter area








And I’m working on class schedule for the fall and the knit along and the crochet along (I’m thinking sweaters!  Hoodies to be precise!)



I feel like I’m bouncing all over the place today. Someone cast the “Oh Shiny” spell on me! (a friend told me about the spell from a role-playing-game; you cast the “Oh Shiny” spell and the person on whom you cast it, gets distracted continuously. It’s seems appropriate for me this week. I started cooking breakfast this morning then decided to make refried beans and totally forgot my breakfast, then went back to breakfast and forgot the beans because I started playing with the dog. See “Oh Shiny!” What was I saying?)

Micro Dog hard at work

Micro Dog hard at work








I decided to listen to podcasts on Saturday afternoon while working on a my summer KAL. I had Brenda Dayne’s “Cast On” playing (listen to this if you haven’t before! Anyone who starts their podcast with the sound effects of lightsabers is worth listening too!). Where was I? Oh yeah, so on the podcast she described a shawl she was working on called Simmer Dim and inspiration hit (Oh Shiny) and the KAL got tossed in the basket and I grabbed the Pagewood Farm Alyeska I had sitting aside and cast on a shawl that popped into my mind when Brenda’s was describing the Simmer Dim. I’m calling it Inspiration (Oh Shiny didn’t seem to fit because it isn’t really shiny – pretty but not shiny!) I haven’t worked on anything else really since then. I even knit on it while at Harry Potter this weekend (which was fantastic by the way – of course I’m biased. I love the Harry Potter books and the movies. Unlike some of my friends who aren’t happy with the movies because they aren’t exactly like the books, I look at the movies as something completely different from the books.) What was I saying? Oh the shawl!


Inspiration (aka the "Oh Shiny" Shawl)








The Pagewood Farm Alyeska is great to work with. That’s the merino, cashmere, and nylon sock yarn. It is so unbelievably soft it’ll blow your mind, and it knits like a dream. It doesn’t split, it doesn’t explode of the needles, and I think it actually massages your hands while you knit (ok, that might be an exaggeration, but it is amazing!). I’m not sure where the shawl will end up; I know it is starting with a garter stitch triangle and I want to do lace around the edges of the triangle, but I’m not sure of what lace I want to do around it – I might even crochet, I just don’t know yet.  And did I mention the color?  It’s a little hard to tell but the yarn – Lavender Fields is the colorway – is purples, greys, and greens; it really looks like a field of lavender in bloom.  Just amazing!  Needless to say, the KAL hasn’t come very far.

Summer KAL

Summer KAL

And I am working on the CAL too, but I feel like I’m getting nowhere.  It’s taking forever!  It isn’t really, it’s doubled in size this week, but it still feels like I’m going nowhere on it!
Summer 2011 CAL

Summer 2011 CAL

Thank you modern conveniences!

I think the heat has baked my brain! I grew up in a house without air conditioning but since I moved into a house with AC, my tolerance has dropped.  Even working in the nice, cool temperature I keep the store doesn’t seem to help much – must be the walk to and from the parking lot and those pesky out-door chores like mowing and weeding!

Oh well!  Life goes on and when I’m complaining about walking from the parking lot in the snow, I can come back and read this again! 

CAL shawl in progress

Eva's Shawl - Summer 2011 CAL








So, we are moving along with the KAL and the CAL which started last week – another sign of baked brain, I realized the I didn’t write my blog last week!  If you are working on either shawl (a shawl of any kind really) send me photos to share.  It’s taking me 20 minutes per row on the CAL – not sure I’ll ever finish.  Two knitters decided to do the Citron Shawl rather than the Traveling Woman – wanted something without much pattern for their first lace project.  I took my Traveling Woman out and dropped down 2 sizes on needles – looking much better!  I should know to always start at least 1 or 2 sizes smaller than recommended – when your standard size needle for worsted is 5, you know you knit loose.

KAL shawl

The Traveling Woman Shawl - Summer 2011 KAL

Notice all the life lines?  The yarn I’m using is fabulous but full of energy (not sure what that means, come by the store and I’ll show you) – it’ll be beautiful when done, but I HAVE to have life lines to keep me from going postal on my yarn!
I’m still suffering startitis.  I have 6 projects on needles and hooks and another 6 lined up waiting  to be cast on!  I have to finish something!  I read on the Yarn Harlot (check out her blog if you don’t already read it!!!!!!!) that she is half a sock away from sanity – I know how she feels.
Happy knitting!  (I started to type “Happy hooking” but the implication would be bad if this fell into the wrong hands)

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