Happy Summer

Considering our Spring consisted of weather in the triple digits, our Summer is starting off nicely – a bit windy, but that’s what you get for living in a state named for the People of the South Wind!

So, it’s Grand Opening Celebration Week here at Oh Yarn It, and right now I’m sitting here with all the doors open, a cool breeze blowing and the sound of birds for company(ok, an occasional car too) – pretty good time so far! But I did have to send a sock to the frog pond (rip-it! rip-it!) – not because the sock wasn’t behaving. The sock was fabulous; I am experimenting with a new toe-up sock recipe that I like a lot, the yarn was great, the sock fit great. No, the problem was that I realized the yarn was supposed to be a hat not a sock. I was working on the wrong appendage! (Is the head an appendage? Whatever!)

St. Alias Neck Warmer

The head without a hat

See, last week I made a neck warmer from a Grace Akhrem pattern out of the Pagewood Farm’s St. Elias sock yarn in the Navajo colorway. Beautiful. And I brought down a head form to place it on, but the form looked half-finished with a neck warmer, but no hat. So I had to make a hat for it and the St. Elias was the needed color, but I had already started a sock. So, the sock went to the frog-pond (I have some Rainbow colorway in the Pagewood Farm’s Yukon sock yarn that will replace the St. Elias) and a hat is being born (slowly because I’m making the pattern up as I go.


Hat in progress

Hat for the hatless head-form


I ordered more Pagewood Farm yarn this week; the Handspun Bouquet and patterns should be here this week, maybe the first of next week. The sock yarn is being dyed up for us, so that will take a bit longer!

I also have an order from Abstract Fiber arriving next Monday!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this yarn. I have no idea what colors I have coming in, but I know the fibers – see, Abstract is a small company from Portland that spins and dyes their own yarn. I requested “Dyers Choice” in four different fibers – I said “surprise me” for the colors. If you are a fan of “The Knitmore Girls” podcast, you hear about Abstract Fiber a lot. Oh, and they also sell fiber for spinning, so that will be here in the future too!

Don’t forget to stop by this week and register for the $50 gift certificate that I’m giving away as part of the Grand Opening Celebration week.


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