Happy Independence Day!

Ok, I realize the 4th is next week not this week. I’m just being proactive!

Abstract Fiber in Alfalfa

Abstract Fiber in Alfalfa

I’m also in heaven. I spent yesterday hugging yarn (and a good deal of this morning). I’d still be hugging yarn given the choice. I know, I love yarn. If you have read this blog/newsletter before, you know I love yarn. I’m obsessed, but I figure if I’m going to have an obsession it might as well be with something creative not destructive. So, why am I hugging the yarn this week more than normal? Because new yarn came in yesterday. And, oh what yarn it is!

Unpacking Abstract Fiber

Unpacking Abstract Fiber

Abstract Fiber is a company out of Portland, Oregon and they handpaint all their yarn (and fiber – hmmm, gives me ideas!) in the most amazing colors you can imagine. When I ordered, I let Susan know what fibers I wanted and asked her to surprise me with the colors; boy did she succeed! I have in two kinds of lace yarn, two sock yarns, and one worsted weight. I can’t explain the colors except to sigh – I literally held a skein of yarn and stared at it for 20 minutes yesterday tracing the various colors in it.

Abstract Fiber

Abstract Fiber

Only problem is I want to cast in something in every type of yarn and I only have so many hours in a day! I need four hands so I can knit two projects at a time (I’m ignoring the fact that I can’t walk and chew gum so two projects on one brain, regardless of the number of hands is probably out of the question!).
I also rearranged the store, again, just a bit. I wanted the new yarn to be the first thing you see when you walk in because, wow! But the needles where in that spot – so I moved the needles! At least for a while. I seem to be averaging one rearrangement per week.

Needles in a new place

Needles in a new place

What else is going on? Well, I’m still working on the hat for the hatless headform. I changed my mind (normal occurrence); I was going to make a basic stocking cap, but a new pattern came in that just yelled “MAKE ME!” so I am. I ripped out the cap I had started and cast on for the new beret; seriously cute beret by the way, if you are wanting to start a winter hat, you might want to consider this one.

Butten Beret in progress
Button Beret – the hat for the hatless headform

We also decorated for the 4th of July!  In two ways.  One – more American made yarn!  Two – our own fireworks in the window!  I crocheted simple stars and my sister and I hung them in the window this morning; technically, she hung them and I handed them two her (I don’t like ladders!).

Fireworks in the window

Fireworks in the window


Happy Summer

Considering our Spring consisted of weather in the triple digits, our Summer is starting off nicely – a bit windy, but that’s what you get for living in a state named for the People of the South Wind!

So, it’s Grand Opening Celebration Week here at Oh Yarn It, and right now I’m sitting here with all the doors open, a cool breeze blowing and the sound of birds for company(ok, an occasional car too) – pretty good time so far! But I did have to send a sock to the frog pond (rip-it! rip-it!) – not because the sock wasn’t behaving. The sock was fabulous; I am experimenting with a new toe-up sock recipe that I like a lot, the yarn was great, the sock fit great. No, the problem was that I realized the yarn was supposed to be a hat not a sock. I was working on the wrong appendage! (Is the head an appendage? Whatever!)

St. Alias Neck Warmer

The head without a hat

See, last week I made a neck warmer from a Grace Akhrem pattern out of the Pagewood Farm’s St. Elias sock yarn in the Navajo colorway. Beautiful. And I brought down a head form to place it on, but the form looked half-finished with a neck warmer, but no hat. So I had to make a hat for it and the St. Elias was the needed color, but I had already started a sock. So, the sock went to the frog-pond (I have some Rainbow colorway in the Pagewood Farm’s Yukon sock yarn that will replace the St. Elias) and a hat is being born (slowly because I’m making the pattern up as I go.


Hat in progress

Hat for the hatless head-form


I ordered more Pagewood Farm yarn this week; the Handspun Bouquet and patterns should be here this week, maybe the first of next week. The sock yarn is being dyed up for us, so that will take a bit longer!

I also have an order from Abstract Fiber arriving next Monday!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this yarn. I have no idea what colors I have coming in, but I know the fibers – see, Abstract is a small company from Portland that spins and dyes their own yarn. I requested “Dyers Choice” in four different fibers – I said “surprise me” for the colors. If you are a fan of “The Knitmore Girls” podcast, you hear about Abstract Fiber a lot. Oh, and they also sell fiber for spinning, so that will be here in the future too!

Don’t forget to stop by this week and register for the $50 gift certificate that I’m giving away as part of the Grand Opening Celebration week.

Grand Opening Celebration Week!

Come by Oh Yarn It between June 21 and 25 and join us in celebrating the opening of the store. We’ll have cookies and snacks, daily specials (check our Facebook page and Ravelry group each morning to find out what the special of the day is), and you can register to win a $50 gift certificate (one registration per person, please). And don’t forget to come by with a project on Saturday between 9 and 11 AM and Knit/Crochet in Public with us!

What’s new this week!

Yarn in the process of being unpacked
Overflowing with yarn!

Lot’s new!  Bunches!  Flowing heaps of soft, scrumpcious yarn!

It’s always humorous on days that I’m expecting a delivery – every time the delivery truck drives by I get all tense, begging the driver to stop here.  One of these days I may lose it and run down the street after him yelling “give me my yarn!”  Also makes me want to call the delivery company and discuss with them the inefficiency of driving up and down the street 4 times before stopping to make a delivery; I suppose they have a method, but they may be responsible for my brain aneurism one of these days.
But, the yarn did arrive and then play time, I  mean the work began!  Luckily I had assistance in the form of two friends that were hanging out keeping me company (and I think waiting for a chance to play, I mean work, with the new yarn too).
So what did I get in?  New cottons – Cascade Cottonrich and Ultra Pima.  Eco Duo – alpaca (luscious!). Heritage, Heritage Silk (yes silk!), and Heritage 150 (sport weight) sock yarns.  I also found an acrylic yarn that I like – Cascade Cherub in Aran weight and DK.  And 3 books – 60 Quick Knits (for Cascade 220 yarns – some of which I still have on sale by the way), 60 Baby Knits, and Knitting MochiMochi (knit amigurumi patterns – I particularly love the slippers that eat the feet, think I’ll make a pair to wear around the store!).
The new Heritage sock yarn
New Heritage sock yarn
Other things not to forget – next week (June 21 to 25) is the GRAND OPENING WEEK!  There will be daily specials, cookies and other yummy things to snack on while shopping (or knitting/crocheting) and the 25th is our Knit/Crochet in Public day.  Then there is the drawing – come in during the Grand Opening Week and register for a $50 gift certificate from Oh Yarn It.

What’s new this week!

June is just flying by! Which means that the Grand Opening Celebration is getting closer!  Mark your calendars for June 21 to 25 – we’ll have specials all week and yummy things to munch on while you browse.

What else is going on? There is still space for the toe-up sock class, so let me know if you want to come learn how to make toe-up socks. By-the-by, if you can make toe-up socks, you can make mittens (which are really just socks for your hands) and hats (premie hats if you are in a donative mood – or just the type you plop on your head when it’s cold; of course with this weather, cold is not an issue. But I have a really good air conditioner so come hang out and knit or crochet where it’s lovely and cool!).

What was I saying? Lost my self in that section of creative grammar. Oh yeah! Saturday. So, sock class from 2 to 4; beginners knitting from 10 to 11:30; and the Knit-In-Public event at the McPherson Public Library (yet another place with good air conditioning!) from 9 to 6. AND Men In Tights Under the Lights, a fund-raiser for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates – for kids who need a caring adult to look out for them) – I helped dress some of the contestants and boy! I can’t wait to see them!
Back to yarn – SALE!!!! I have a rather large order coming in next week and need to make room. Select Cascade 220 – Heathers, Paints, Quatro, and Regular – are on sale 20% off! Come dig through the bargain bin and see if anything screams to join your stash!  And  – new in –  Superwash Bulky from Brown Sheep, and the Phoebe’s Sweater book, which uses Superwash Bulky to make the super adorable girls hooded cardigan from the name.

My current obsession with lace continues.  I’ve finished the “Citron Shawlette” in the Pagewood Farms Artesana Lace Yarn (in Fruit Freeze) and I barely finished blocking it and hanging it on the wall for display when I started thinking “what lace can I cast on now?”  I’m leaning toward the “Dahlia Shawl” by Lisa Naskrent that was featured in the Interweave Crochet (Spring 2011).  It’s a lovely crochet-lace, triangular shawl.  Of course I also have 4 pairs of socks I want to do, a broom stick lace scarf, the afghan, and a halter top I’m getting close to finishing.  And new yarn coming in next week – you’ll have to get on the Oh Yarn It group page on Ravelry (www.ravelry.com) to see what I cast on next!

PS:  Happy Birthday to all my June-baby friends and family – and there are a lot of them!

What’s New at Oh Yarn It

It’s June – my favorite month!
Seems like everything happens in June – birthdays, anniversaries,summer solstice, and the celebration of Oh Yarn It’s opening – June 21 to 25! 

It’s also the month that Knit In Public Day occurs and you can participate in that by going to the McPherson Public Library on Saturday, June 11 during their regular hours (9AM – 6 PM) and knitting in public!  I also suggest you check out (literally!) their collection of knitting and crochet books.  For example, they have the brand new Vampire Knits book with patterns inspired by the Twilight series; the “Bella Mittens” are wonderful – and I have a pair I knit up over the winter on display in the store.  

And, in case one Knit In Public isn’t enough for you – and it’s not for me – come knit, or crochet, in public with us on the morning of June 25th (also a Saturday) from 9 to 11 as part of our celebration here at Oh Yarn It!  We’ll be sitting in front of the store showing the world (or at least South Main Street) why needlework is awesome.  If it isn’t too hot (June after all).  If it’s too hot, we’ll turn down the air, open the doors and sit semi-in-public!  Oh, and there will be food too.

Ah, June, such a busy month!

Socks! Socks! Socks!  Did you know, if you can knit socks, you can knit baby hats and mittens?  Come learn to knit socks on June 11 from 2 PM to 4 PM (then you can take your new skill to the library and show off) and June 18 from 2 PM to 4 PM.   Call (620-504-5001) or email (oyarnitshop@gmail.com) if you want to sign up – the class is limited to 10 so sign up fast!  $25 for the class (and your supplies).  The morning of Saturday the 11th is also beginning knitting, so if you don’t know how to knit yet, come learn then go to the library and show off!

So that’s what’s coming up – but “what’s new?” you ask!  After all that’s the title of this little piece.  Well, just this morning I opened a box with chart keepers (a must if you prefer charts to written directions), view sizers (to size both your needles and your gauge) and wooden circulars that are just the perfect size for doing 2-at-a-time socks!  And everytime a truck drives by I jump thinking it might be UPS since another order of needles and hooks is on it’s way for delivery! 

Dates to keep in mind for June:

June 4 – beginning crochet

June 11 – beginning knitting, 1st day of sock class, Knit In Public at the McPherson Public Library

June 18 – beginning crochet, 2nd day of sock class

June 21 to 25 – Oh Yarn It Celebration Week!


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