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I love yarn – I really love new yarn!   And the box of yarn I opened yesterday is absolutely lucious!  (The yarn, not the box. The box was pretty average.)

Sock Yarn

Pagewood Farms Sock Yarn

Pagewood Farms is a small company in California that does handcrafted yarn in unbelievable colors and fabulous sock blends.  We now have sock yarn in blends of Blue Faced Leicester/Nylon, Merino/CASHMERE/Nylon (cashmere socks! Sigh!), Merino/Bamboo/Nylon and 100% Merino lace yarn – which, by the way, is fabulous! I’m half way through Hilary Smith Callis’s Citron shawlette out of this yarn and it knits like a dream. 

Then there are the 1 skein scarf projects from U-Knitted Nations!  Knit up a bouquet scarf or a pom-pom cowl in a jiffy – you have to see this super quick and absolutely adorable!

U-Knitted Nations Handspun Bouquet

I realized I’ve used a lot of exclamation points, but this yarn really is fabulous for that special project! (there’s another one!)

And speaking of special projects, Fair and Christmas.  If you want to enter a project in your county fair or the state fair, you’d better get your fingers limbered up and pick out your yarn!

Yes, I know Christmas is in December, but if you plan to knit or crochet gifts this year, it’s best to start now – trust me on this; one year I gave my sister a ball of yarn and a picture of a shawl because I ran out of time to finish it!  Come in to select yarn and projects so you won’t be rushed during the holidays (well, more rushed).

We also have an addition to our class schedule for June – TOE-UP SOCKS on June 11 and 18!  Socks are the perfect summer knitting project.  They are light and small so they don’t make you sweat when working on them, and they fit in a purse (or a pocket).  And if you make socks during the summer you’ll have really cool socks to show off in the fall!  If you can cast on, knit, purl, and bind off, you have all the skills you need for learning socks (and you’ll have more skills when you are done)!  This is a 2 day class (Rome wasn’t built in a day and socks aren’t knitted in one either). Class size is limited to 10 people and costs $25 plus supplies.  So come by, call, or email to sign up for basic toe-up socks. 

What?  Basic Toe-Up Socks

When?  June 11 from 2PM to 4PM and June 18 from 2 PM to 4 PM

Where?  Oh Yarn It

How Much?  $25 plus supplies.  You’ll need 4 size 0, 1, or 2 double pointed needles – depending on how tightly you knit –  and at least 1 skein of sock weight yarn – 200 yards will work for a pair of anklets if you have smallish feet, get more if you have larger feet or want to make longer socks.  Alternatively, if you want to knit up a pair of thick socks you’ll need 4 double pointed needles in size 6, 7, or 8 and 200 yards (or a bit more – see the note for the thin socks) of worsted weight in –  3 choices here – for felted aim larger on needles and quantity of an animal fiber (wool, mohair/wool blend – plant fiber and acrylic will not felt);  for socks you can toss in the washer buy superwash;  for socks you don’t mind handwashing just buy your favorite wool or wool blend.

Our Hours – Tuesday and Wednesday 10AM – 6PM;  Thursday 10AM – 8PM;  Saturday 10AM – 6PM


What’s wrong with Grandmother’s crocheting?

So, I’ve been pondering something lately. I keep reading and hearing the phrase “Not your grandmother’s knitting” (or crocheting, or whatever the needle art is). Which made me ask this question in turn: “What’s wrong with my grandmother’s crochet? And, in my case, my great aunt’s knitting?” It’s because of them that I knit and crochet.

We had a big parade here in McPherson last week – it was a bit chilly (downright cold actually) and a lot of people had blankets or afghans to wrap up in. I have a granny square afghan that my grandmother made when I was a kid on display in my front window; the day after the parade I had several people come in to ask if I had that pattern for sell. They had seen similar afghans at the parade and wanted to make one. I was intending on copying the pattern eventually – eventually turned out to be a lot sooner than I thought it would be!

So, I’ve been spending my free time alternating between a lace shawl, 2 pairs of socks, and granny squares. All these are things my grandmothers, great-grandmothers and great-aunts (and at least one uncle I know of) would have worked on at sometime in their lives. They might not have used bright. lime-green yarn, but the theory is the same.  As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing wrong with “grandmother’s crocheting”!

Welcome to Oh Yarn It!

Welcome to the first edition of the Oh Yarn It blog!

You’d think writing these things would be easy – but nooooo! So I’ll keep it simple today and let you know what are class and event schedule is for the rest of May and June.  So, as of today (May 14, 2011), this is our class schedule:

Saturday May 21, June 2, and June 18 – Beginning Crochet

Saturday May 28, and June 11 – Beginning Knitting

Thursday nights from 6PM to 8PM – our social knitting and crochet time; bring a project (or an idea for one and we’ll help you get started) and come visit with your fellow yarn artists for a few hours!

June 21 to 25 – out Grand Opening Week! 

June 25 – Knit in Public Day!  Bring a comfy chair, some sunblock and your knitting (or crochet, embroidery, whatever – we aren’t picky!) and spend a morning knitting in public to increase public awareness about the awesome hobby potential of yarn!

Until next time, keep playing with yarn!


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